Open Road by Hugh Waters

  1. Prototype Tire Mold Method (8/12/2006) - Invented a way to machine a mold as a negative in wax and then create a master positive from it photos and invention by Hugh Waters
  2. X-15 Road Race Tire by Hugh Waters (8/17/2003) - my favorite drawing from the early 2000’s (circa 2003). Requires a rim that doesn’t exist but concept is still valid today (2017) as it was then. This is a solid elastomer tire that cannot be dislodged and the shape of the tire is futuristic. Recent Kickstarter projects featuring airless tires are not this good. concept … Continue reading X-15 Road Race Tire by Hugh Waters
  3. Training Order 700 x 23 (9/24/2002) - Airless bicycle tire for road bikes by Hugh Waters 2001
  4. Open Road Tire Collection (8/8/2002) - Collection of sizes to be made by Hugh Waters 2002
  5. Plans For Airless Tire Mold (3/24/2002) - Plans for machining the parts by Hugh Waters circa 2002  
  6. 3D Drawing – Complete Master Mold (12/19/2001) - This is the excerpt for your very first post.
  7. Air Free Open Road Concept (9/5/2001) - Open Road Design by Hugh Waters 2001
  8. Open Road Recumbent (9/1/2001) - Open Road Concept by Hugh Waters 2001